Tickmill UK forex cashback from Cashbackcloud

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In the world of Forex trading, cashback programs offer a lucrative way for traders to minimize costs and increase their overall profitability. One such opportunity is provided by Cashbackcloud in conjunction with Tickmill UK, a prominent Forex broker known for its competitive trading conditions and customer-centric services. This article explores the Tickmill UK Forex cashback program offered through Cashbackcloud, detailing how it works, its benefits, and how traders can make the most of this opportunity.

Understanding the Cashback Program

Cashbackcloud offers a cashback service for traders using Tickmill UK as their broker. The cashback program essentially returns a portion of the trading fees, such as spreads and commissions, back to the traders. This rebate is not a one-time offer but is earned on every trade executed, making it a recurring benefit that enhances trading efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How It Works

The process of earning cashback with Tickmill UK through Cashbackcloud is straightforward:

Registration: Traders need to sign up with Cashbackcloud, a platform that collaborates with various brokers to offer cash rebates.

Linking Accounts: After registration, traders must link their existing Tickmill UK trading account to Cashbackcloud. If a trader doesn’t have a Tickmill account, they can open one directly through Cashbackcloud to ensure the account is eligible for cashback.

Trading as Usual: Traders continue with their regular trading activities. The cashback is calculated based on the volume and number of trades, irrespective of the trade outcomes (profit or loss).

Receiving Cashback: The accumulated cashback is paid out periodically (e.g., monthly) directly to the trader’s Cashbackcloud account. From there, funds can be transferred to a bank account or online wallet.

Benefits of the Tickmill UK Cashback Program

Reduced Trading Costs: Every trade comes with associated costs (spreads and commissions). Receiving a portion of these costs back as cashback effectively reduces the overall trading expenses.

Enhanced Profitability: With reduced costs, the net profitability of trading activities potentially increases, assuming other factors remain constant.

No Impact on Trading Terms: Opting for cashback does not affect the trading conditions offered by Tickmill UK. Traders still enjoy the same spreads, leverage, and trading platform features as they would without participating in the cashback program.

Ease of Use: The process is automated once the trading account is linked with Cashbackcloud. Traders do not need to undertake any additional actions to claim their cashback.

How to Maximize Your Benefits

To ensure you are maximizing the benefits from the Tickmill UK cashback program through Cashbackcloud, consider the following tips:

Stay Informed About Terms: Regularly check any changes in the terms of the cashback program. Knowing the details can help optimize the cashback earnings.

Increase Trading Volume: Since cashback is typically tied to trading volume, increasing your trading frequency can lead to higher cashback earnings.

Monitor Your Performance: Keep an eye on how cashback impacts your overall trading profitability. It’s essential to balance higher trading volumes with smart risk management strategies.


The Tickmill UK Forex cashback offer available through Cashbackcloud is an excellent opportunity for traders to reduce trading costs and boost their earnings. By understanding how the program works and strategically planning trading activities, traders can effectively increase their returns while enjoying the robust trading environment provided by Tickmill UK. This kind of program not only supports cost efficiency but also adds an additional layer of value to every trade executed.

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