FXOpen Account Types' Rebate Rate

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Navigating the diverse world of Forex trading requires a thorough understanding of the tools and options available to traders. Among the critical decisions every trader faces is choosing the right account type, which can significantly impact their trading strategy, costs, and ultimately, profitability. FXOpen, a leading player in the online Forex and CFD brokerage industry, offers a variety of account types tailored to meet the needs of different traders. Coupled with its competitive rebate rate program, FXOpen stands out as a broker that prioritizes the financial well-being and success of its clients. This article provides an in-depth look at the different FXOpen account types and the corresponding rebate rates, offering insights into how traders can leverage these features to maximize their trading efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

FXOpen Account Types: An Overview

FXOpen provides several account types, each designed to cater to the varying needs and preferences of traders. These include ECN, STP, Crypto, and Micro accounts, each with unique features, trading conditions, and benefits.

ECN Accounts

FXOpen's Electronic Communication Network (ECN) accounts offer traders direct access to other market participants, including banks, liquidity providers, and other traders. ECN accounts are known for their tight spreads, starting from 0 pips, and transparent pricing. Traders using ECN accounts benefit from real-time order execution, with no requotes or price manipulation. This account type is ideal for scalpers, high-volume traders, and those who prefer algorithmic trading strategies.

STP Accounts

Straight Through Processing (STP) accounts allow traders to operate without a dealing desk, meaning orders are automatically processed and directly sent to liquidity providers. STP accounts offer more predictable spreads and are well-suited for traders looking for a balance between the micro and ECN account benefits. This account type is particularly appealing to traders new to Forex or those trading moderate volumes.

Crypto Accounts

For traders interested in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency, FXOpen offers Crypto accounts. These accounts are tailored for trading on major cryptocurrencies against USD, EUR, or RUB. Crypto accounts provide a unique opportunity for traders to engage with the volatile crypto markets using FXOpen's advanced trading platforms.

Micro Accounts

Micro accounts are designed for traders who are new to the Forex market or those testing new trading strategies with minimal risk. These accounts allow trading with micro lots (starting from 0.1 micro lots) and minimal initial deposits, offering a low-risk entry point into Forex trading.

Understanding Rebate Rates

FXOpen's rebate program is designed to reward traders by offering cashback on trades. The rebate rate varies depending on the account type and the volume of trades. Generally, higher trading volumes result in higher rebate rates, providing an incentive for active traders.

ECN Account Rebates

ECN accounts typically offer the highest rebate rates due to the high volume of trades and the tight spreads. Traders can expect rebates to be calculated based on the commission paid per trade, making it a lucrative option for those who trade frequently or with large volumes.

STP Account Rebates

STP accounts offer moderate rebate rates, calculated on the spread. These rebates are designed to reduce trading costs for traders who may not operate at the high volumes typical of ECN account holders but still maintain consistent trading activity.

Crypto Account Rebates

Given the unique nature of cryptocurrency trading, Crypto accounts have specially tailored rebate rates. These rates are often adjusted to reflect the volatile and unpredictable nature of the crypto markets, offering traders an opportunity to earn rebates in a rapidly evolving market segment.

Micro Account Rebates

Micro accounts, while offering lower overall trading costs, also provide smaller rebates. These accounts are ideal for those looking to gain trading experience without the pressure of large transactions, with rebates serving as an added bonus to their trading activity.

Maximizing Benefits Through FXOpen's Rebate Program

To make the most of FXOpen's rebate program, traders should consider their trading style, volume, and preferred market. By selecting the account type that best aligns with their trading strategy, traders can optimize their rebate earnings. Additionally, staying informed about any changes to rebate rates or terms can help traders adjust their trading plans to maximize their benefits.


FXOpen offers a diverse range of account types and competitive rebate rates to meet the needs of different traders. Whether you're a novice trader starting with a Micro account or a seasoned trader utilizing ECN or STP accounts for their low spreads and direct market access, FXOpen's tailored solutions can enhance your trading experience. By understanding the features and benefits of each account type, as well as the corresponding rebate rates, traders can strategically reduce their trading costs and maximize their profitability.

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