Does Eightcap have good spreads?

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Does Eightcap Have Good Spreads?

In the competitive arena of online trading, the spreads offered by a broker are a critical factor that can significantly impact a trader's profitability. Spreads, the difference between the buying and selling price of a trading instrument, directly influence the cost of trading. A lower spread means less cost for the trader, enhancing potential profits. Among the plethora of brokers available to traders, Eightcap has been a name of interest, especially regarding its spreads. This article aims to dissect whether Eightcap offers good spreads, comparing its offerings to industry standards and discussing the importance of spreads in trading strategies.

Understanding Spreads in Forex Trading

Before delving into Eightcap's spreads, it's crucial to understand the significance of spreads in Forex trading. Spreads are how brokers make money. A tighter spread means that the cost of entering and exiting a trade is lower, which is particularly beneficial for scalpers and day traders who rely on small price movements to make profits. For long-term traders, while spreads still matter, the impact is less pronounced compared to those who trade frequently.

Eightcap's Spread Offerings

Eightcap is known for its competitive spreads, but to determine if they are indeed good, it's essential to compare them against the broker's competitors and the broader market. Eightcap offers two main account types: the Standard Account and the Raw Account.

  1. Standard Account: The Standard Account typically offers spreads starting from 1 pip. This account does not charge any commission on trades, making it suitable for beginners or traders who prefer simplicity in their trading costs.

  2. Raw Account: The Raw Account, on the other hand, offers spreads from 0 pips. This account type does charge a commission per trade, but the ultra-tight spreads are designed to benefit high-volume traders and scalpers who can offset the commission costs with their frequent trading.

Comparison to Industry Standards

To evaluate Eightcap's spreads, it's necessary to look at the industry standards. On average, spreads in the Forex market can range anywhere from 0.5 pips to 2 pips for major currency pairs in a competitive brokerage. By this metric, Eightcap's offerings are quite competitive, especially the Raw Account, which offers spreads from 0 pips. However, when considering the value of spreads, one must also consider the commission charges associated with the Raw Account to get a full picture of the trading costs.

The Impact of Spreads on Trading Strategy

The attractiveness of Eightcap's spreads can vary depending on a trader's strategy. For scalpers and day traders, the Raw Account's low spreads can significantly reduce trading costs, making Eightcap an attractive option. The lower the spreads, the quicker a trade can become profitable, which is a crucial factor for traders who open multiple positions within a day.

For long-term traders, the Standard Account's zero-commission structure might be more appealing, even with slightly higher spreads, as the impact of these spreads dilutes over longer holding periods. Thus, whether Eightcap's spreads are considered good will largely depend on the individual trader's strategy and trading frequency.

Other Factors to Consider

While spreads are a vital consideration, they should not be the sole factor in choosing a broker. Other aspects such as regulation, platform offerings, customer service, and the range of instruments available are equally important. Eightcap, being a regulated broker with a strong platform offering and a wide range of trading instruments, scores well in these areas, making it a comprehensive choice beyond just its competitive spreads.


In conclusion, Eightcap offers competitive spreads that can be considered good by industry standards, especially for traders utilizing strategies that require low spreads. The broker's tiered account system caters to different types of traders, allowing individuals to choose the option that best fits their trading style and cost preferences. As with any broker, it's essential to consider the total cost of trading, including spreads and any applicable commissions, in conjunction with other brokerage features and services. With its competitive spreads and robust trading environment, Eightcap presents a compelling option for traders looking to minimize costs and maximize potential profits.

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